Transitioning to Fall

  We all know how hard it is to transition between summer and fall wardrobes in North Carolina. The weather stays warm for way too long which can make for a very confused looking fall wardrobe. Here are a few items and styling tips that will help you through the NC fall limbo.

This first outfit is a really simple way to use a t-shirt in multiple seasons. Most people consider olive to be a fall color. While it is true that you see it more in the colder months, it is actually more of a neutral color which means it can be worn in any season. Its the perfect transition color! In the summer, wearing it with some white jeans or shorts and lighter colored accessories, you can lighten the the look of the outfit as a whole and give it a more summery look.

To take it more to the fall side, pair it with some dark jeans and booties. As the weather starts to get colder, you can throw on a leather jacket or cardigan and you've gotten three outfits out of one t-shirt.


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This next outfit is an example of how you can use the same vest to layer in both summer and fall. Vests are a must have for transitioning because you can dress them according to the weather. These two outfits are perfect examples of this. Choosing a vest with a thinner fabric makes it a better option for layering in the hottest days of summer. Keep it cool with a t-shirt or tank, some shorts, and sandals. 


In the fall, this vest looks great over jeans and a t-shirt or a black jumpsuit and some booties. Again, the thinner fabric is perfect for transitioning during warmer days of fall. When it does finally get cold, you can also layer over a long sleeved top or sweater.

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Our third and final transition outfit is based on t-shirt dresses. T-shirt dresses are the easiest way to use one item in every season. In the summer you can stick them with sandals or sneakers and a necklace.

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In the fall, add a vest or jacket (depending on the weather and time of day) and some sneakers or booties and you've got a super and comfortable that is so easy to put together.

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There are a lot of things out there that can work for multiple seasons and by styling the same piece in a different way, it can become an all season item. 
If you have any questions about transitioning or if you need more styling tips, our stylists would be more than happy to help!
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